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AsiaFriendFinder is one of the dating websites owned and managed by FriendFinder Networks Inc., a reputable US based company that operates 16 online dating websites.  The objective of AsiaFriendFinder is to become the number one Asian dating website in the world.  The site currently boasts of over 3,022,823 registered members with new members registering daily. AsiaFriendfinder was created to cater specifically for Asians.  It brings together single Asians from all over the world...
Published by enna karanjah 54 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments is one of the largest and most popular Latin/Hispanic singles dating sites on the web. They sell two types of membership: 1) Free 2) Gold Membership. The membership is not limited to Spain or Portugal as they have a huge database of members from all parts of the world. They provide top class security for payment transactions and commitment towards user privacy. It has powerful tools like Advanced Profile Searching, Profile Photos, and See Who Viewed Your Profile, Who's Online etc. In...
Published by Sasha Brown 55 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments is committed to finding lonely people a date. Specifically, the site was built to help singles 50 and over and in their prime to meet for friendship, dating, and marriage. Mature single people who are looking for date opportunities should have a place that makes finding love easier – this was the idea on which this website was founded. Thousands of mature singles visit this website to search for mature singles share new experiences with each day. The website provides onl...
Published by Sasha Brown 55 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments is an online dating site owned and managed by People Media, Inc.  People Media owns a number of targeted online dating websites that focus on specific demographic groups. is one of the largest black dating websites.  The mission of the company is to connect people and create relationships.  It brings together black singles looking for dates, friendship, relationships, love and marriage.  The company offers two types of services t...
Published by enna karanjah 57 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +1 votes | 0 comments is a community which caters to the needs of single parents and is becoming the most renowned online dating website which provides online daters with premium photos. It provides a simple, safe and fun atmosphere which makes it easy to quickly view and contact thousands of single parents in any expected area. This company system allows members to setup audio, video, photo albums and much more. Single Parents of different ages and different classes come to this company and take...
Published by Alleyah A Allen 57 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments
The site is an online dating and social site that promotes interracial interaction and relationships. The aim of the site is simply to bring people closer irrespective of their race or ethnicity. The site provides memberships throughout the world and allows its users to create profiles and complete these with the various features required so that others may get an idea about you. The same process is repeated with all the members and that is how the basic foundation has bee...
Published by Sasha Brown 57 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments
On Facebook, you add the people you know and trust in your life. On dating sites, you add people you don’t know but want to date. What makes different from all these? Well, when first logged into this website, there’s a video on the first screen which tells what the dating game is about. Watching the video, you get to know that is a service for finding people, either friends or possible friends; within your university or the area the university is si...
Published by Sasha Brown 58 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments
Badoo operates a social network platform that is free for all but with a charge for higher status, available in 40 languages and operates in 180 countries. The site offer these services; (1) Affiliate solutions where people can affiliate their own branded social network with access to Badoo’s massive database along with all the features, fun and expert support of the world’s largest social network for meeting new people. (2) Advertising on the site: since it is claimed that more tha...
Published by Sasha Brown 58 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments is the trademark of Inc, a Canadian company located in Quebec, Canada.  This company operates an online dating site that is among the top 5 mainstream dating sites in the world.  The company provides different types of online dating services including black dating, Christian dating, seniors dating and Jewish dating among others. This company has more than 15 million members with thousands joining daily.  It is an ideal site for those looking for friendship, ca...
Published by enna karanjah 58 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments
SingleParentClick is a trade mark of Avalanche LLC, a US based company that has over 15 years experience in online dating.  SingleParentClick is a unique site because it brings together single moms and dads interested in serious relationships, dating or friendship.  The site has simplified the online dating process for these busy parents by enabling them to search for singles based on: Age Family details Education Personality Income Interests This website offers single paren...
Published by enna karanjah 58 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments
LikeIt is a fun way to discover people, places, and things. It is a social networking site that allows users to login with their Facebook  and share their favorite music, movies, books, hobbies, and sports across Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Photobucket, Flickr, Foursquare, and Goodreads. The site uses fun social games to encourage people to share their interests, which are fed into a recommendation engine to present interesting people from around the world. LikeIt is committed to...
Published by Sasha Brown 58 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +1 votes | 0 comments
MeetMoi is a US based company that offers mobile social introduction services.  The objective of the company is to make it easier for people to meet in real life by use of the mobile phone.  The company matches people based on proximity and preferences.  They do this by leveraging unique mobile capabilities through push communication channels and location awareness. This mobile dating service is fun and easy to use.  It uses groundbreaking technology to enable you meet peopl...
Published by enna karanjah 59 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments
OkCupid is a free dating and social networking website that features member-created quizzes and multiple-choice questions. The site supports multiple modes of communication, including instant messages and emails. The site facilitates heterosexual and same-sex relationships. Any adult may join OkCupid and all users may communicate with others via either private messages or an instant messaging "chat" function.  Paying (A-List) members see no advertising and have more filtering options, ...
Published by Amy Russell 61 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments
There are two primary tips that can help an individual land a job interview every time. In order to land a job interview every time the applicant must be proactive and provide an eye-catching resume along with their application. Read on to discover exactly what is needed to make certain that you always land that job interview every time.
Published by Scottie Futch 63 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +2 votes | 0 comments
Getting a job matching to your skills and qualifications is what one desires. Resume writing service provide job seekers and professionals to hire expert writers to help them prepare resume which are written by making use of perfect grammar and format matching to industry standards. Services provided by are: Resume and CV writing service Resume Editing service Candidate Profile Screening Cover and Follow-up Letters writing Job Search Assistance Interview Coaching...
Published by Nikhilesh Tiwari 66 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments
Your cover letter sets the tone for your readers to get to know you, what you are capable of doing, and why you are the best candidate for the job. Not only should you market yourself in your resume, you should do the same in your cover letter as well. Your content should be brief and on target, while communicating a persuasive argument to the readers. Thus, prompting the reader to take a look at your resume.
Published by Donata L. 69 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +19 votes | 10 comments
When you face the interview board for an interview, you must highlight your strengths to your advantage.Besides submitting your resume showcasing your talent, it is your duty to dwell in length about what your strengths are, how you are an asset by virtue of your strengths to the organization, how your strengths are useful to the organization and how you will fit into the organization and how you will use your strengths by virtue of your proven ability to advance the cause of the organization.Yo...
Published by Rama lingam 69 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +13 votes | 5 comments
Making a success of an interview depends on how prepared we are in knowing about the organization and the criteria they employ in choosing a candidate. As more and more qualified candidates are churned out every year from educational institutions, the prospect of getting a job is that much more harder. This article gives an insight of the mind of the interviewer and what it takes to be a successful candidate.
Published by Augustine Alukkal 69 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments
College jobs are a great way to save time commuting to and from a full or part time job several days a week. On campus jobs are usually low stress positions that have openings in different departments. Some schools do pay a few dollars over the state minimum wage. Obtaining a campus job can be easy with a great student employment resume.
Published by Debbie Bastien 69 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +1 votes | 0 comments
The most common resume styles used today by job seekers would be the chronological, the functional, and the combination. And out of the three, the chronological is most widely used. However, the professional resume format, also called professional vitae, is not very popular with the average job seeker, because elite professionals only use it. The professional resume format or professional vitae is a very complex document and lengthy in pages. The average number of pages is three due to the wi...
Published by Donata L. 69 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +17 votes | 10 comments
The combination resume format is basically a combination of the functional and chronological formats. The combination resume emphasizes an individual’s key skills and accomplishments along with past places of employment and education. Individuals who want to showcase their core competencies, career achievements, education, along with a solid, impressive work history----should use the combination resume format.
Published by Donata L. 69 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +18 votes | 11 comments
Online resume writing has become prevalent in recent years. Similarly, is posting you resume online and appealing to potential employers. Persons can now pay persons via websites to write resumes and have them sent to various employers in your chosen location and profession. This article seeks to review two resume services which offer essential services to their customers, Email my resume and Eresume.
Published by Yanique Henry 70 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments
A former employer lists the ten most important steps you must take to "ace" your next (and hopefully last) job interview. These easy, straightforward suggestions will prepare you to maximize your chances of landing your next job. If you're unemployed, and can't seem to get past the job interviews, you need to discover the reasons. This list will give you the answers to what may be missing and will help you go from unemployed to happily employed.
Published by Pamela Hawken 70 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +2 votes | 5 comments
This report is a comparison of three resume forwarding services that are available online: Resume Rabbit, Email My Resume and Resume Zapper. Among the criteria that are considered in this report are the features, advantages and cost of each service.
Published by Nur Radzi 72 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +3 votes | 0 comments
prepare for an interview is the seo keyword used
Published by PMathew 72 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +3 votes | 0 comments
Congratulations! You've got a job interviewÂ…, now itÂ’s time to snag the job! Your most difficult challenge is your face-to-face interview. ItÂ’s natural to be somewhat nervous initially, but you should not allow anxiety to interfere with your ability to interview with confidence.
Published by Donata L. 75 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +26 votes | 8 comments
Job candidates, just as an employment recruiter would interview you for a job youÂ’ve applied for to determine your suitability, you should likewise interview the employer at some point during the interview process.
Published by Donata L. 76 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +27 votes | 12 comments
A resume should reflect the best qualities of a job applicant. This includes little subtleties which can have a negative impact.
Published by Owen E. Richason IV 230 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +0 votes | 0 comments
Dressing inappropriately for an interview can actually hurt your chances of getting hired. Conversely, dressing appropriately can increase your chances of getting a job offer. First impressions are usually the most lasting imprints. You should dress to impress.
Published by Donata L. 76 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +32 votes | 10 comments
Preparing for a job interview can be tough for teens who are inexperienced. This article briefly discusses necessary procedures regarding planning for teens attending interviews.
Published by B W1 77 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +7 votes | 3 comments
You could be making major mistakes in formatting and abbreviating your college degrees on resumes, CVs, and other important employment documents.
Published by James Crowe 78 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +4 votes | 1 comments
Tips for crafting a world class resume. Includes items to make sure you include in your resume as well as items that you would be best served to leave off your resume.
Published by Rick Johnson 82 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +1 votes | 0 comments
Resume Companion Promo Code / Discount Coupon Code. Resume Companion Review. Resume Companion helps people create a professional resume in minutes. There are over 50,000 professionally written resume phrases to choose from and no previous writing experience is required. This is a vital service in this day and age when hundreds of people go after each job. A resume could win or lose you a job and it is important to get it right. Too long and it will end up in the bin unread, too short and i...
Published by Amanda Wilkins 83 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +3 votes | 0 comments
Employment recruiters carefully screen resumes for specific job requirements, industry-related keywords, and to basically determine whether or not the interested candidate is the right match for a job.
Published by Donata L. 84 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +15 votes | 7 comments
What should I never include on a job resume'? There are at least ten pieces of information that should never be included on a resume'.
Published by Tere Scott 85 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +13 votes | 4 comments
Published by MJBWhiz 113 months ago in Resumes & Interviewing | +1 votes | 2 comments