How Teens Can Effectively Prepare for Interviews and Find Work
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How Teens Can Effectively Prepare for Interviews and Find Work

Preparing for a job interview can be tough for teens who are inexperienced. This article briefly discusses necessary procedures regarding planning for teens attending interviews.

Job hunting can be tough for teens with little experience in seeking and obtaining work. This is partially because they are competing with each other for the same jobs, and also because there are mature and experienced jobseekers also searching for employment. Many find they need to have two jobs to survive, which can leave fewer for teens who are attempting to get their foot on the first rung of their chosen career ladder. Luckily, there are ways teens can get ahead and place themselves in a good position to become employed.


It’s vital that teens have a resume, even if they have little or no work experience. This is because interviewers need to ascertain whether they are suitable for the job at hand. They need to find out about teens character traits, skills, weaknesses and qualifications. They can also gain information from finding out about teen’s hobbies and any voluntary work they’ve done, such as helping out at summer camp.


More experienced jobseekers usually understand the importance of dressing to impress when attending a job interview, but teens may not be so aware. It’s important that they are well groomed, tidy and presentable when they enquire about potential openings, and when they go to interviews. This means dressing in a more formal manner than they are probably used to.

Non-verbal language

Teens can further get ahead by understanding the impact of their body language on potential employers. By adopting a firm handshake, a bright smile and personable manner they can win an interviewer over if they also are right for the job in other ways too.

It’s essential that teens refrain from behavior and body language which could be detrimental to their interview success, such as fidgeting, chewing gum and not paying attention to what is being said.


Having an understanding of the type of questions an interviewer is likely to ask can be very useful for a teen, as this can help them formulate a positive response. Questions are likely to relate to the suitability of the teen for the job applied for and will be aimed at gaining relevant information, such as whether a teen is reliable, conscientious and honest. These traits are good indicators that they will be an asset as an employee, rather than a hindrance.

Teens can prepare to gain employment by making sure they are presentable and affable, as-well as ready for any questions which may be asked of them during interviews. Planning ahead in in this way will set them apart from less well prepared jobseekers.

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