Tips and Illustrations on How to Dress Your Best for a Job Interview
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Tips and Illustrations on How to Dress Your Best for a Job Interview

Dressing inappropriately for an interview can actually hurt your chances of getting hired. Conversely, dressing appropriately can increase your chances of getting a job offer. First impressions are usually the most lasting imprints. You should dress to impress.

Bravo! Your impressive resume and cover letter grasped the attention of an employment recruiter. Apparently you met the qualifications for the job you applied to, otherwise the company recruiter would not have contacted you for an interview.  Now you must dress your best for your job interview.  First impressions are usually the most lasting imprints. Your dress attire is a key factor in getting a job offer.  Dressing inappropriately for an interview can actually hurt your chances of getting hired.  Conversely, dressing appropriately can increase your chances of getting a job offer. Even if the company you are interviewing with has a dress code that permits casual wear and/or jean Fridays, you should only wear professional attire for your initial interview.  In other words, you should dress to impress your potential employer. Take a moment to examine these tips and view the images of appropriate interview attire for men and women.


Men should wear- dark colored business suit, conservative shirt with a necktie. Colors…like black, dark gray, navy blue or (slightly lighter shade) are most appropriate for men.  Complete your attire with dark colored sox and shoes. Men should be neatly groomed and professional looking.  Steer away from faddish hairstyles, body piercing, and tattoos.  For this will only cause distraction and is deemed unprofessional by employers. If you do have visible tattoos, you will be able to cover them with your suit jacket and slacks.  Also, moderate amount of cologne, a wristwatch, and a ring are sufficient.



Women should wear- stick to earth tone business attire.  Could be conservative pantsuit or skirt suit and conservative blouse. Colors…like black, shades of gray, beige, brown, and navy blue are most appropriate for women.  It’s best to wear black or brown comfortable conservative shoes. You should look neat and well groomed. Avoid flaunting faddish hairstyles, visible tattoos, and body piercing.  You should cover visible tattoos with your attire. Go easy on the perfume and jewelry. 



It’s imperative that you arrive on time for your interview.  You should actually arrive 15 to 20 minutes before you are scheduled to meet with your interviewer.  This will allow you ample time to freshen up and get organized.  You should never wear gym shoes or flip flops to an interview. If you need to wear them for comfort while in route, you will need to remove them before your interview. Bring conservative business shoes to change into. You will need to bring a clean copy of your resume with you to the interview. You should also bring three letters of references and a photo ID (drivers license ok).  Remember to turn off your cell phone before your interview and remove any gum or candy from your mouth.

With your portfolio in hand…you can go into your interview with confidence because you have a winning resume, you meet the job qualifications, and you are dressed appropriately. Watch your body language…sit up straight in your chair (no slouching) and listen attentively to the interviewer and answer all questions truthfully.  You should have pertinent questions prepared to ask your interviewer at some point during the interview process as well.  See sample interview questions for job candidates here:       

And last, send a thank you letter to your interviewer(s) even if you don’t get the job.  You never know…they might keep you in mind for another job opportunity.


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Very well composed and fine graphics.

Good advice, thanks.

Excellent! You covered both sexes well.

Excellent tips. Well written and illustrated. Great job.

Actually on my way to an interview right now! Thanks for the tips. : )

First impressions are lasting impressions. Always dress for success. Excellent tips and advice given here.

Great information and detail for a super article .

Thank you for sharing this valuable information and tips.

Thanks for the tips


Informative ideas. Great work!