Top 3 Resume Forwarding Services Compared: Resume Rabbit, Email My Resume & Resume Zapper
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Top 3 Resume Forwarding Services Compared: Resume Rabbit, Email My Resume & Resume Zapper

In this report

Preparing a well-written, profesional looking resume is a critical process in applying for a job. However, many people do not realize the importance of the next step after resume preparation, which is called resume distribution or forwarding. Who should your resume be submitted to? How do you choose the best employers in the relevant industry? What if you want to apply for an international position and not sure where to begin your search?

Thanks to the development of the world wide web, today there are many resume forwarding services online that can take care of all these things for you. Not only do you save time and money, but this will help to multiply your job opportunities as well as increase the chances of being accepted for a job.

This report is a comparison of three resume forwarding services that are available online: Resume Rabbit, Email My Resume and Resume Zapper. Among the criteria that are considered in this report are the features, advantages and cost of each service.

#1 - Resume Rabbit

Resume Rabbit is a one-stop resume forwarding service with 84 top job banks and 1.5 million recruiters and employers listed. This resume forwarding service offers comprehensive features including real-time resume posting report (includes a link list of where your resume is posted, auto-logon links, username and passwords for each site, and status of each site). In addition to that, they also provide email forwarding services, spam filter and virus protection to ensure that your information is safe and secure.

A great advantage of using Resume Rabbit to forward your resume is the massive exposure that you will get, since they have 1.5 million recruiters and employers listed, bigger than many other resume forwarding sites online.

Resume Rabbit charges a one-time fee of $59.95 to post your resume on up to 84 different job posting sites. Although this seems to be slightly higher than prices offered by Resume Zapper and Email My Resume, it is quite competitive considering the features that you get with that price.

#2 - Email My Resume

Email My Resume has 2,822 Recruiters and 665 Employers registered in their list. The advantage of this resume forwarding service is that unlike some other competitors, they do not impose any additional charge for you to obtain the list of recruiters and employers that your resume was forwarded to. You will automatically receive a firm name listing once the resume is distributed without any charge. They also allow candidates to specify states, countries, regions, and provinces which they wish to send their resume to.

Email My Resume uses a software system that matches you with recruiters and HR personnel who specialize in your industry. They use a software that will match you with recruiters and HR personnel who specialize in your industry and opt to receive resumes in your selected regions along with your educational background and salary range.

Email My Resume charges you $49.99 to email your resume and cover letter to thousands of recruiters and employers. With this basic price, you get to specify 3 industries and 3 regions. However, you are able to add industries and regions for $5.00 per selection.

#3 - Resume Zapper

Among the many benefits of Resume Zapper is the extensive features that they offer. This includes industry targeting, geographic targeting, optional private email address, customized distribution (option to get a list of recruiters that will receive your resume), instant distribution to top recruiters and more.

Although they have quite a lot of features, the disadvantage of using Resume Zapper is that they have several additional charges for extra features. This includes private email, list of recruiters who were sent your resume, and more, and thus may be a bit costly, especially for those who are unemployed.

Resume Zapper charges $49.99 for their Basic Service that includes includes distribution of your resume and cover letter to 600 recruiters and your choice of 3 industry selections as well as up to 3 geographic selections. Advanced features are offered at the following charge: 

  • Add 3 more industries of your choice: $19 additional
  • Confidential Email Box: $19 additional
  • Get your resume sent to new recruiters who sign up over the next 30 days: $29.99 additional
  • List of recruiters who were sent your resume: $19 additional
The Bottom Line

Resume Rabbit is ranked first in this comparison report because of 2 reasons: first is the list of features offered, and second is the reasonable pricing. I find that the real-time resume posting report as well as the centralized logon for all related job sites very useful in managing resume submissions. You may find other resume forwarding services with slightly less price, but in order to access other advanced features they may require you to pay additional charges. This is not the case with Resume Rabbit. You only have to pay additional charges if you want to add industry and regional selections.

Resume Zapper seems a bit costly especially because they place several additional charges for some features (that you can get for free at other resume posting sites). This would probably not be ideal for the unemployed or first-time job-seekers who want the most cost-effective way to forward their resume.

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